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Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is gaining increasing attention from companies in the manufacturing context, but they do not yet fully understand its implementation in their processes. In this context, our research group collaborated with Novotic S.r.l., a system integrator based at the Mechatronics Pole in Rovereto (TN), to develop an intervention at one of their main customers.

In the course of the project, an Artificial Intelligence system was developed for automating the quality control of the assembly process of gearboxes for precision mechanics. Through the results obtained we provide an example of successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing context, and at the same time useful guidance for managers to foster the integration of this technology into business processes.

The results were presented at the XXXIII AiIG Scientific Meeting organized by the Italian Association of Management Engineering (RSA AiIG 2022) and the 29th European Operation Management Association Conference 2022 (EUROMA 2022).

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