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Our collaboration with Trentino Solidale

All the food you see in these pictures would have been wasted without the dedication and hard work of Trentino Solidale volunteers!

As part of the “Trento 2024, European Volunteer Capital” initiative, we had the privilege of accompanying a European delegation to the headquarters of Trentino Solidale. This volunteer association is committed to recovering and redistributing surplus food in the province of Trento.

In 2023 alone, Trentino Solidale supported 2,189 families, each benefiting from 2 to 3 shopping visits per month. Through their efforts, a remarkable 1,300 tons of food were recovered, generating significant positive economic, environmental and social impacts.

On this occasion, we also presented part of the research conducted with Professor Marco Formentini and Caterina Trevisan, which investigates food loss and waste prevention and reduction across agri-food supply chains.

More details on Trentino Solidale website:

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